Welcome to “Steins Gate”

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Steins;Gate is a series that in its end is all about a man by the name of Okabe Rintaro trying to find a world where he and his friends may live in peace. He seeks a future free from the terror full of terrorism, controlled  by the international organization named Sern. The race to save his childhood friend Mayuri. Throughout the series he keeps on fighting for her to live. He and his friends are willing to sacrifice all of their dreams even one sacrificing the relationship with her father who was saved due to time travel. As Okabe comes closer and closer to the world where Mayuri lives he realizes something, he has to lose the one who has been his greatest support in order to save her, Kurisu. As he agonizes over whether or not to go through with his plan she once again guides him to what she knows will be best for him. However, just as everything starts to become normal, he is once again thrust into one last attempt to save a friend, Kurisu. To him this world would be a place of rest and happiness where all of the friends he’s made would be alive and well with him. This is his perfect world, a place to live out his days. This world is what he calls “Steins Gate”.

Many of us have a “Steins Gate” of our own its called Heaven. When we think of Heaven we often associate it with meeting those who have previously died and never having to be parted with them again. We also know that there will be no more sadness, violence, or fear. We know that it will be a place that is perfect. In Okabe’s search for “Steins Gate” he doesn’t just want a world of peace, he wants a world where he can have his friends with him. What I see is a metaphor for a person seeking to bring his friends into the fold of Christ to come to Heaven with him. We should be willing to go to any lengths to save our friends. I know that I’ve often had issues with being willing to say something to friends who aren’t Christians. If I look at it as if the person were physically dying, like in Steins;Gate, not telling them about Christ makes me wonder if I can call myself their friends. I need to be Okabe to them, I need to seek their salvation as if I was going to see them die.

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    […] The Steins;gate of that named series makes an interesting metaphor for Heaven. [Famous Rose] […]


    […] The Steins;gate of that named series makes an interesting metaphor for Heaven. [Famous Rose] […]


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