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Art and Social Media

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For as long as I can remember I’ve loved to draw. I know it’s something which has been a hobby and a passion since I was little. I can still remember the first time I wanted to improve. I was looking at what one of my friends had done and wanted to be as good as him. I kept on drawing not even realizing how much I was improving over the years. Speed up to today and the only social media website I’ve kept up with have been Instagram. Through there I find new inspiration, which pushes me onward to improve and post my progress regularly. This may all sound normal, but here is the thing I’ve been wrestling with. Now that I have created a following, I feel a drive behind me to continue to post regularly and because others expect it of me. I find that I am worrying about if my post doesn’t hit a certain number of likes. I really don’t like this feeling. It’s something that I have struggled with in the past. Funnily enough I first struggled with this idea on a blogspot blog which I covered anime and comics. I was writing articles on issues that I didn’t care about and trying to create a following. I had to stop blogging because the pressure was something I didn’t want to work with. That’s why this blog is updated only rarely, it’s why I haven’t given this link to any friends or family. Now I’m scared something similar may happen. I love the feedback I get, but I need to find a way to stop being a slave to the Skinner Box of social media.

Why I’ve Dropped The Best Show of The Season

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Ancient Magus’ Bride is widely considered the best anime of the season. It has romance, action, interesting concepts, magic, and I dropped it this last week. It wasn’t really anything the show was doing in and of itself. The content was extremely well made. The issue is that the entire series is base on real life occult happenings, rituals, and pagan beliefs in such a way I can’t bring myself to watch.

I’ve been having issues with getting myself to watch it for a while with my conscience, and if there’s one thing you need to know about me it’s that when something starts to affect my conscience I can’t watch it. There’s one rule I’ve followed as well as I’ve been able. I don’t watch shows/movies with real world magic. This means no pentagrams, summoning of familiars, or other real world rituals which people use to call upon demons. I can’t be party to that in my conscience, God hasn’t let me. As I’ve discussed over on Beneath The Tangles in their comment section this is something which can be incredibly disappointing. I’ve dropped shows like FMA:B, Tales of Zesteria, and Fairy Tail before, and they tore me up because I loved the shows, but I couldn’t bring my self to watch it.

It’s interesting though, because I’ve been reading through Paul’s writings in the Bible a lot lately, and I can’t help but feel his work is speaking to me more and more. One of Paul’s biggest admonitions is to not break your conscience, and you know what? On most of those series I knew there was something wrong with them, I watched them anyway, fell in love with them, and eventually dropped it because the burden on my heart was far too big. I understand some people may not understand why I have this stipulation, but I do have it. I also have recently been convicted about the sexual content in shows I watch and how much I monitor how that affects me because it is something which is coming in between me and God, and that is unacceptable.

Scrapped Prison

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I’ve been watching the show Scrapped Princess on the recommendation of an anime Youtuber. I really didn’t think much about the concept of the show at first, in fact I was rather skeptical, but I let the show grow on me slowly but surely. As of this writing, I’m at episode 21/24. While I have grown to love the characters despite their annoying tropey personalities the biggest change in me has been a new appreciation for the world. In this world there is the grand Church of Mauser, ruler of the people’s hearts and minds. This church feels like a cross between the Pharisees of the Bible and the Roman Catholic Church. The stories’ main premise is a prophecy about a young princess named Pacifica Cassul who was supposed to have been killed as a child as she would “Become the poison that will destroy the world.” She somehow survived through the machinations of her mother and was taken in by another family who raised her as their own. Thus it is that she finds herself with a brother and sister willing to lay their lives down for her. At first, I felt like the church was meant to be a commentary about how people are idiots for following religion, but instead I’ve come to see it as something far more. You see the Church of Mauser has some sinister minds behind it, deceiving all who would seek the truth. It is a lie a devil has created based in the truth of the past. As we come to see more and more I can’t help but feel a close feeling to War for Mansoul. One of the characters behind the Church has a conversation with Pacifica’s loyal brother trying to convince him his sister’s death would be best for all. During they are talking about the world and the way in which the church has turned it into a prison to which the overlord responds “Is it a prison if you don’t know it’s a prison?” As a Christian, I have to make the response a resounding “YES!” A prison no matter how beautiful is still a prison.

We see this when Christ came back. He destroyed and cast out those who were creating a religion of legalism and base on works. He sees the prison they have built for themselves and begins to tear it down. Jesus shows grace and mercy preaching the truth, and He is hated for it. Like Jesus, Pacifica has been tormented by people believing her to be a living, breathing heresy. Even someone who once loved her turns on her at one point early in the series betraying her to the church leaders. She still goes on though determined to keep on living, and even as she wishes to be free of her burden she can never bring herself to bring harm upon those she loves. No matter what she fights on, determined to bring truth to light and win freedom for all. This show isn’t without it’s flaws, but the show is a good reminder of the true prison we were saved from.

I realize this isn’t a show many have watched, and as such I’ve tried to keep this area spoiler free. If you want to watch it streaming is available on Funimation in dub and Crunchyroll in sub.

Logan The Hero Fallen

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If you don’t want any spoilers for the movie LOGAN don’t read any further.

This movie moved me to tears, but not in the place you might have thought. No, instead of the  crying at the end where Logan fights and dies to save his daughter Laura, I cried at the point at which he decided he was going to abandon her. I know that things worked out in the end, but to me the character of Wolverine means rising above. Wolverine means doing the right thing no matter the personal cost. He gave up his healing factor to save the world. He died encased in adamantium because he couldn’t just sit by and watch. While I know Wolverine went through hell more times than any other character in the fox universe, that’s what made him my favorite. He was strong enough to rise above the struggle and strife which had defined his life. He came to believe in something. In Logan we find a Wolverine who is contemplating suicide by adamantium bullet we find a man whose dream in life is to live on a boat for the remainder of his life. He has given up on the world. Enter Laura Kinney, X-23. This is the girl who should bring him hope. Instead he finds despair. Throughout this movie he keeps on getting beaten down and trying to come back. The issue is the world has taken it’s toll. Throughout this entire movie he is nothing more than a shadow of what he once was. Laura is the place where the audience places its hope. She is the conscience of the group. I find the legacy of the Wolverine to be tainted after this movie. I am writing this right after watching the movie. I might edit this when my thoughts are more clear, but I think this is how I really wanted the movie to end. 2017-03-03.pngYou see, when the movie ends, he gets one last hurrah, but it’s far to late for true redemption. Laura though. She gets to live on. I wanted to see her doing something to say that she would fight the good fight. I know it’s nit picky, but what is great about the character of Logan is that no matter how far we fall we are all one decision from the right path. No matter how bad things get, we just have to decide to make the decision to do what’s right. That was the issue I had with this movie’s Wolverine. He had forgotten this. He had given it up for a false sense of security. He had forgotten that not matter how had the right way is always the best way. At least he died well. So long Logan I’ll miss you dearly.


Coming back to this post nearly a year later, I realized something. He may have forgotten the right path, but this movie was him trying to find it again. It reminds me a bit of some other media I’ve been consuming lately and so I thought I’d try talking about it.

Steins;Gate and Heaven part 2

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I had my attention drawn back to a post I made about how Steins;Gate has some relations to how we should look at heaven and spreading the good news. Specifically with Okabe Rintaro. Interestingly enough, it also has some relations on the walk of a person in their life without Christ. Who is the best case of showing this? Okabe again actually.

Bear with me, but I know what I’m talking about. First off there is the first time travel message. Little does he know it, but he has just set his world on a crash course to misery and sorrow. As he continues to send texts into the past messing with everything from his friends gender, to saving a friends dad. All of these things are leading to one event. The death of his best friend. As the sinister plot around him unfolds he is the only one who realizes it and it’s starting to destroy him inside. The one person who helps him out of this is his “assistant” Makise Kurisu. She keeps on helping him despite the fact that he hasn’t treated her at  all well. Through everything, she is there giving him the insight, focus, and encouragement to keep on going. Then everything changes. He realizes that to save his best friend in the entire world, he must sacrifice Kurisu, since his original message back in time was one telling of Makise Kurisu’s murder. After all of the time she has spent with him, she tells him to do save his friend. Through some special time travel shenanigans, a certain familiar friend from the future comes back to save Makise. It’s only through this friend’s interference that he reaches a world where the people around him are safe. This is his heaven also known as Steins;Gate.

I could go off here about how Makise Kurisu is a Christ figure, but I won’t. Not today anyways. What I see in Okabe is the path of someone lost and alone walking down a path going to despair and destruction of all he holds dear. A road to hell. As he reaches his rock bottom, there is someone there to pick him up and push him along. In our everyday lives there is a correlation. Jesus is his name. As we accept his forgiveness and repent, its as if it never happened in the eyes of God the Father. The last step is pretty cool to. Because even though Jesus died, he was raised again. After he left his disciples, he sent another to guide them in the paths of righteousness. Thus the time travelling friend to save Kurisu. At the end of his life a Christian, a repented sinner following Christ, can look forward to a place with no dying. A place like Steins;Gate.

The World of “World Trigger”

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World Trigger is an interesting anime. I’m not sure exactly what it was that drew me to it, but I’m sooo glad it did. My enjoyment of the show is in the little the things. At first the small drawn out episodes had me wondering why the heck I was watching this show? After all I’m watching a slow moving Shonen anime with what seems to be a predictable plot line. Then they introduce Chika, a small, understated girl, who, we assume, is a shallow love interest for the main character of the show. We find however that she, and the show, are so much more than they initially pretend to be. The events of world building eventually give way to interesting, and unique battles where all of those little details are formed into one cohesive unit. The show still has an abundance of exposition, and the pacing can still be slow due to the way in which they set up the major battles. The details though make all the difference.

I like to think that though our live can seem so hectic, or boring, or full of unnecessary occurrences, God knows exactly what He’s doing. He’s building us up along with our world for something greater. He building towards the climax of the greatest story ever told. After all God sent Jesus to save us, but the climax is when Jesus comes back triumphant. When Jesus sends the devil and his servants to the lake of fire will be the final victory. God in his eternal wisdom, love, and knowledge has been building a world that is getting more and more interesting. The details make a world of difference.

The coming Apocalypse (of Fox’s Marvel movies)

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So I saw the leaked trailer for X-men Apocalypse (you can view it here). I honestly was pretty excited about this movie. After all this is my favorite Superhero team we’re talking about facing a villain who’s been sorely under-utilized. However in viewing the trailer, Apocalypse says something that gave me pause, “I have been called many things over many lifetimes. Ra, Krishna… Yahweh.” I can understand referencing Christianity and Judaism. After all his entire motif comes from the book of Revelation, but to attribute the entirety of Christian belief to a villain not only by Apocalypse, but having a scientist claim the same thing was something (even associating Christians with Apocalypse worshiping cults)  I was not expecting something that outright called him God. Yes he is a false God, but in this world they pretty much just came out and refuted God’s existence. I know to some it will seem like a minor event, after all this world isn’t real. To me though, this is a sign that the movie may be going places that I cannot follow. So what do you think of this trailer?